To kick off 2014 and start on my adventure of improving my brand, the first thing I have to do is to unify it.

Take a second to think about what Web Platforms you have an account on. You’ll first list off the usual suspects, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Thats what I did, after looking around a bit more, I found a ton of places where I had published my Persona. Some of these I haven’t touched in years, others I never even filled in. All shared my brand, what I do.

Platforms I am on:

  • Facebook (
  • Twitter (
  • LinkedIn (
  • Google + (
  • (
  • Tumblr (
  • ( here )
  • Meetup (By group but example here:
  • Youtube (

Among others. I will keep this list up to date as I find more. It was shocking to see how many I had, and what was public. Even some such as Facebook shared a lot more than I would expect.

The process of unification comes in two steps:
1. Create the content that exemplifies your persona.
2. Populate the content into all of the social networks, making tweaks when appropriate.

I am going to be writing content in my next post. Stay Tuned.