Build a mobile game in 20 min. with Horizon and React Native

This talk was given at the RethinkDB meetup in San Francisco on April 28th, 2016.


Using Horizon and React Native, you can build amazing real time games with ease. These super powerful tools allows developers to focus on the experience of the game without having to worry about plumbing, boring CRUD backends and even WebSockets all together. Create amazing realtime games (or products) without compromise. Join me in building a cross platform game in 20 minutes. It’ll be fun!

Mike is a New Yorker(now in SF) who loves code and building products. Currently Mike is Founder/CTO of Naytev, helping brands and publishers optimize their content for Facebook. Using many different languages and technologies, Mike only settles for realtime systems, which naturally led him to love RethinkDB. Mike has recently put Horizon into production with a side project iPhone game called Spy Hunt.




Find the code on Github: