Another chapter in my professional career has just came to an end. Today I step out of NPR for the last time and step into my new position as full time (co)founder of my own company.  It has always been a dream of mine to go full time on my own startup, and I have finally created my opportunity. Naytev was built from a lot of hard work and will lead into uncertainty, but I’m excited and ready to take it on.


Naytev is the product of a few years work, and figuring out what people desire for their websites, marketing and social needs. Initially implemented as a selling feature of our cause marketing platform, Changecause, Naytev’s technology came from Changecause’s ability to optimize the social posts the platform was issuing. We found that our clients really wanted that feature more than anything so we spun it out into its own product and haven’t looked back since.

Over the summer, I will be devoting all my energy making Naytev even better. I’ll be meeting tons of amazing people with all sorts of skillsets and experiences; I can’t wait to learn from them.. With their help, I hope to craft Naytev into an amazing company. 

I’m going to be learning things about business, technology and life that can only be learned by “doing it”. Hopefully I’ll be able to quantify some of the lessons I learn and pass them along. Can’t wait to be the pilot of my future, it’s going to be a wild ride.